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I’m the Happiness Guru and perfect example that you can have everything you want in life and more. I'm a super excitable yogi from beachy Tampa, FL, now exploring the beautiful mountains of Colorado! I'm obsessed with: Hawaii, coffee, tea, and my very happy yellow lab.

Over the past few years people have commented on all my travels, and how much my brand has grown.  I went from working for someone else making great money to starting up my own successful business!

I'm living my best life and spend my free time doing yoga, hiking, jamming out to music and loving every minute!

Most days, you'll find me in yoga pants, working from my back patio or a coffee shop, with a huge smile on my face! I love all things outdoors including hiking, biking, camping, snorkeling and swimming. Hot yoga is my happy place! I consider it my workout, therapy session and meditation all in one. I'm an animal-lover, chocolate connoisseur, and I've always got my bags packed and ready to hit the road for a new adventure.


Alexi Panos

"As with any of your students, your desire is to see a heartfelt and diligent commitment to the work, and a deep desire to use that work to create a powerful reality---Christy has done just that. Her growth is directly related to her level of commitment to herself and the work, and how she shows up in full support of others is truly powerful!"


Often described as...

Happy, Wild, Bubbly, Adventurous, Flirty, Risk Taker, Sassy, Free, Confident, Knowledgeable, Type A, Creative...blonde!

She's just the type of wonder woman that makes things happen. - Erich

Throughout this journey we call life, I've found something more. More money, more adventure, more love, more excitement, more creativity, more travel and I'm so excited to help you find your 'more.' Growing up, I used to be so afraid of stepping into my power, a leadership role and coaching others...letting the world see me! The universe/God/Gaia (whatever you believe in) spoke to me and it speaks to you too. Sometimes it takes a little tapping into, but feel into what you love, what brings you the most joy, the best laughs, the highest excitement and you're halfway there. 

Life becomes so much easier when you're doing what you love and living a life full of health, wealth, love and happiness.

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Things I Stand Against

-Talking politics

-Not having a growth mindset

-Anything that disconnects you from yourself and those you love

-Self Sabotage

Things I Stand For

-Following your heart

-Mindset transformations

-Developing a healthy, happy relationship with yourself and others

-Living authentically