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A voice for transformation and awakening…

I’m an Intuitive Life + Empowerment coach. Lover. Singer. Heart Opener. Paradigm Shifter. Yogi. Traveling Soul.

I’m a higher self activator. I help you see where you’re blocking your brightest light. I’m your cheerleader, illuminator, and guide to remembering your path.

I work hand in hand with brilliant and courageous souls (men and women) that are willing to take ownership for THEIR SIDE of the story in relationships, business, and life.

Through connection to your own unique expression of divinity, I will help you access the ability to thrive instead of simply just surviving.

If it’s raining in your mind, it’s time to push those clouds aside and let the golden rays of sunshine in!

My clients are not victims to their circumstances - they are ready to transcend. When you transcend, you free yourself from conditioned ways of thinking that are not natural to the truth of who you are. When you transcend, you create space for moving into a higher state of being and you’re able to see and operate from the heart of truth.

I am here to sit in the fire with those that are desperate to break through the shackles of internalized depression, abuse, shame, guilt, repressions, displacement. Healing is not found in a dim room with grey walls. Healing is not found at the bottom of a bottle. Healing is not found in between handcuffs. Healing is not found in a one-sided fourteen minute conversation. Healing is not found in a book of symptoms and industrialized “one-size-fits-all” treatment plans.

I know because I was one of them. I am one of them and I am here to remind you that you are not a machine, you are a soul - infinite, unpredictable, cyclical. Healing is found in coming home to yourself. It’s time to remember that you are literally born out of orgasmic bliss - an explosion of love and alchemical fusion.

So why do we underestimate our power? We stray from our power in order to know what it feels like to come back home to it.

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Alexi Panos

"As with any of your students, your desire is to see a heartfelt and diligent commitment to the work, and a deep desire to use that work to create a powerful reality---Christy has done just that. Her growth is directly related to her level of commitment to herself and the work, and how she shows up in full support of others is truly powerful!" - Alexi Panos - My beautiful mentor who helped me start on this path of service and coaching 4 years ago!

Things I Stand For

  • The children who are told their power is too big for this world -- for their desk for their chairs -- and yet that their intelligence is too small for their standardized tests..

  • I stand for the adults that bite their tongues and mumble under their breathe underneath oppressive institutions

  • I stand for women who are told to look down and not take up too much space -- to put their candles and paint away because none of it is useful “in the real world”.

  • I stand for men who want to love hard, but are being shunned in this society for being too “feminine” or “too sensitive.”


“Christy’s coaching calls…

ALWAYS uplift my spirit immediately. Each call has been a profound and magical experience which has helped me to access information about my life path and get clues as to what direction to take! I got a new perspective on my life that helped me have more faith and illuminated aspects of my life which I was not realizing were as influential and meaningful as they were. It’s almost like I saw my life with new eyes, with certain hallways and doors glowing where before they were darkened or out of view. Christy is a gifted intuitive coach, a safe person to open up too, and also a person who walks the talk in her own life! She is a very authentic, joyful, and intentional person. I highly recommend seeking her guidance.” - Aly B

Life becomes so much easier when you're living a life full of health, wealth, love and happiness.

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Often described as...

Happy, Wild, Bubbly, Adventurous, Fierce, Risk Taker, Sassy, Free, Confident, Knowledgeable, Type A, Creative...blonde!

She's just the type of wonder woman that makes things happen. - Erich