Clearing Codes of Grief to Heal

Sound Bath Meditation



I created this meditation for you based on a powerful meditative healing technique, Resonance Alchemy, to clear codes of grief that are embedded in your subconscious, unconscious mind and DNA.

After you have been cleared of these codes, you will be immersed and cleared of that which no longer serves you with the powerful vibrations of the earth day gong, singing bowls, rattles and shamanic drumming.

If you’re tired of feeling sad, stuck, lost and stagnant in life because of grief, let’s break this pattern forever!

You will receive this meditation via your email which you can download right to your phone or web browser and listen anytime something comes up for you that needs clearing or cutting from your life. Only $19.97 and I PROMISE you this is a life changing meditation. It’s the best one I’ve yet to record and share!